10 negative ways sugar affects your health


thomas high res408As we all know, sugary foods can often be a quick source of energy, a respite for a hectic and emotional day or just a quick easy food to grab. Unfortunately, this sweet poison is doing you a lot of harm. If you’ve not yet been convinced to cut back on the sweet stuff, let these 10 additional reasons motivate you to change your habits.

  1.  Wrinkles Yes, sugar gives you wrinkles. Some of the sugar molecules you eat attach to proteins in a process called glycation. This reduces elasticity of your skin which results in increased wrinkles and accelerated ageing.
  2. Increased appetite Sugar doesn’t make you feel as full as other types of foods, even when you consume the same amount of calories. Eat lots of sugar and you’ll find yourself on a hunger and energy roller coaster. This means you’re more likely to eat more calories throughout the day and gain weight over time.
  3. Weakens your immune system Studies have shown that your immune system is weakened with the intake of sugar. Bacteria and yeast grow in the presence of the white stuff, which puts your body on the back foot when it’s trying to fight off illness.
  4. Increased risk of diseases Sugar increases your blood sugar, raises insulin levels and feeds cancer. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and kidney stones are just a few of the diseases that have an increased risk with excess sugar consumption over a prolonged period of time.
  5. Nutritionally weak Every time you eat refined sugar, you’re eating ‘empty calories’ in the place of something else that could nourish you. White table sugar has absolutely no nutritional properties and is nutritionally weak compared to many other foods. Filling yourself up on sugar leaves less room for the good stuff.
  6. Rots your teeth It’s the one that most people are aware of but choose to forget. Sugar is seriously bad news for your teeth. Eat it frequently throughout the day and you’re attacking your teeth continuously, leading to decay and enamel erosion.
  7. It’s addictive Sugar can rule your mind and dominate your thoughts. It can affect your rational behaviour and become all consuming. Its addictive nature can undo all your healthy efforts at the gym and erase the goodness of that beautiful healthy salad you had for lunch.
  8. Excess sugar turns to fat You could eat a very low fat diet, but if you’re still eating lots of sugar, you’re certainly not going to lose weight easily. Excess sugar digested by the body eventually turns to fat. A low fat 100 calorie yoghurt packed with 15-16g of sugar is not necessarily going to help you achieve your weight loss goals.
  9. Moods and agitation Sugar can change your mood very quickly. Whilst it appears to give you energy, it can cause agitation and headaches. When you come down from the sugar high you can feel agitated and moody again. The vicious cycle has started.
  10. Robs your body of minerals To metabolise and break down sugar the body uses up vital vitamins and minerals. The more sugar you eat, the more you rob your body of these valuable nutrients.

thomas high res402Laura Thomas is a certified health coaching helping you to find a new happy balance with your sweet tooth and to finally get life-long control around sugar. Follow Laura on Twitter (https://twitter.com/lauraj_thomas) and Instagram (https://instagram.com/lauraj_thomas/ ) to get lots of pretty low sugar inspiration and sign up for a FREE 4-part video course on http://happysugarhabits.com/  showing you how to embrace a practical lower sugar lifestyle where you can still have your cake and eat it!


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