101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties by Paul Angone – Book Review


Adulting got you Down? Us too. Life can go rather quickly and just finding the answers to the questions of life is key.



Whether you just polished off your college graduation cake, are in your twenties or thirties struggling through a quarter-life crisis, you’re simply trying to figure out how to become all grown up, or you’re a parent looking for that perfect college graduation gift or Christmas gift for your twentysomething, 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties is the book for you.”

It breaks it down into the key subjects of life:

  • Adulting to win – Thriving on the big picture and small details of adulthood
  • Careerish – How to build a career that is meaningful (whilst making you money)
  • Relationshipping – Dating, Marriage, networking, friend-ship, mentoring, oh my!
  • Signature Sauce – Uncovering your passion, purpose, and calling collide.


So, it has its own twang to life. Throwing life into the deep end and seeing if that positive thing pops up.  It evens tells you how to read the book!




I like it, he puts his own ideas in his own way. Showing life experiences in different ways to develop different strategies for your own life after reading the book.

Understanding life is a journey is the key to success. If you are unclear, this book is about to open a few mindful doors, Score 4/5


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