Blood Alloy: Reborn – Rehashed PC Review


Updating a review of a game we werent sure on initially. Honest Opinions as always – we improved our initial thoughts of Blood Alloy.


Blood Alloy is a 2D acrobatic shooter and slasher game. Boost, slice and shoot your way to the top scores and top rankings. In this Cyberpunk setting – been a “hyper agile, cybernetic machine of robot death” is fun.



Its strong artstyle sets expectations high for gameplay. It is a reasonable “run and gun” style game, on intial run throughs we did not like it at all. It felt rough as anything.

However on playing other similiar games, we re-looked at the controls and played the game differently. Addressing the games weakness of the character’s basic attacks and focuses allot more on movement.




Is it a game to buy now, maybe? It has its moments and we had to relook at it to find the enjoyment (which is not fantastic). 

The player movement is sometimes still sluggish, the basic attacks are a bit flawed. However if you keep running and gunning, the fun begins trying to get to that high score.

We score it at 3/5 – solid game which lacks in areas but makes up for it in others.



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