A loved Canadian cop drama comes to DVD this week in the form of 19-2.  The code 19-2 represents the 19th Precinct and car 2, a call sign that Nick Barron and Ben Chartier now call their own.  Neither are happy about the arrangement though and their partnership gets off to a rocky start.

Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes – Continuum, V) still carries the weight of a shooting that involved his last partner.  It left him permanently injured and now living in a hospital, unable to move and barely able to communicate.  So, a new partner is definitely not on the cards for him and he doesn’t plan on letting country boy Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso – Falling Skies, Supernatural) get too comfortable.

5438The series is skilfully shot around the activities of the 19th Precinct and the calls they take, but it is as much about their personal lives as it is about their lives as police officers.  This gives a fantastic contrast to show and allows it to explore a variety of story lines.  

Can these two cops at odds with themselves and each other, come together and have each others backs when it counts?  Can they navigate their personal lives and the politic that entrenches the precinct and everyone in it?

19-2 is release courtesy of RLJ Entertainment’s Acorn Label on 21 September 2015. the 19th Precinct out of the Montreal Police Department sees some of the toughest crimes in this series.  This how is extremely gritty and raw, allowing for a realistic feel to the events that Chartier and Barron are involved in.

19-2 SERIES / SPHÈRE MÉDIA Photos : Bertrand Calmeau

Photos : Bertrand Calmeau

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