5 Nail Varnish Colours You Must Try This Season


Spring/Summer is the perfect time to spruce up not only your wardrobe but also your nail varnishes. Banished are those dark, sultry Winter nail polishes. Make way for the fresh, sassy colours of Spring.


Be ready to show off you fingers and toes as soon as the sunshine peeks out from behind the clouds with these five absolute must-have nail colours.




That perfect mix of not too pink and not too orange mean that coral-peach suits all skin tones. Orange is totally on-trend this season with apricot hues available in lipsticks too. Don’t go too tangerine, a lighter coral-peach on the fingers will blend well and avoid overwhelming.



nudespolish pic

Think nude is a bit too neutral? There are plenty of nude shades, including Penelope Cruz’s preferred beige, taupe and chestnut, that offer a classy look for those who want to go minimalist this Spring. Nude colours blend with skin to elongate fingers and give a slender look. Take note if you suffer from stubby digits.


Mermaid-Style Blues


Ocean blues and emerald greens are making mesmerising nail varnish colours this season. Mermaid-inspired colours add a bit of shine and blend fantastically with dark denims, so rock them with your favourite pair of skinnys. Mermaid colours are a great way to break the mould, be bold and get noticed.




Fancy something more fun and punchy? Fuschia is the go-to Spring party colour to show off your cheeky, flirty and confident side. This polish can suit anyone, just make sure to choose the right shade to compliment your skin tone. Fair-skinned girls need to pick lighter shades, but darker ladies can opt for heavier purples.


Gold Glitter


Pulling off gold can be a real challenge, but if you know what you’re doing, you can really make it work. Only go gold when wearing black, white or gold itself. Paint it on for an evening out in your little black dress and illuminate the room.



How to Paint the Perfect Nails for Spring

Now you know what colours to be wearing, you need to know how to paint your nails perfectly. Clare from Elite School of Beauty recommends applying a base coat to protect the nails being stained, followed by two coats of colour and a top coat of gloss.

Clare also shared her top tip for the perfect finish: “If you leave a 1mm gap around the edge of the nail and cuticle when painting the nails, it will prevent flooding and look neater and sleeker.”

Choose from any of these five on-trend nail polish colours to complete your Spring wardrobe, apply using Clare’s top tips and feel good whatever the occasion.


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