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So every once and a while we get the opportunity to talk to some music artists/bands about their creations.  Hope you enjoy our brief chat with the band AyOwA about their new single “Sommer”.

Hi, Welcome.  Can you please introduce yourselves to our audience, and in 5 words describe your music?

We are AyOwA -we are Hannah Schneider and Nicolai Kornerup- two long time friends from Copenhagen Denmark, who share a passion for electronic music, old analogue synths, and writing music.

Our music is: melancholic, present, longing, chimerical and poetic.

From what we have heard so far, we tend to agree with you two there.  We have encountered lots and lots of band names and AyOwA is a strange name to us, what is the meaning behind it?

Well, It’s pronounced like the Mid West US state. It also has a visual aspect to it that we liked, and there’s a code hidden in the name !

Ah. ok. so Florida then…. obviously we joke… we let those reading this figure it out…  see what you mean about the name – visual meaning, its ability to be designed to be a unique motif of sorts is big.  Code intrigues us but we’d better not guess. (Later on after chatting -we tried again but the code did not come to us).


SOMMER Single CoverRS

Their first single “Sommer” was recorded in a suburb basement in Copenhagen during summer. A summer in Denmark that never really started so they were left experimenting over a modularsynth and some old reel-to-reels. Far from been traditional to what is tend to be heard of the average radio, they wrote an anticipating and chimerical song about the longing for a summer. Where beauty, pain and secrecy will meet in a melancholic rush of happiness.


”Sommer” is a very different track to what we normally hear, why experiment with the sound?

We work on songs in experimental ways, with no clear concept of where the sound should go, so we end up places we couldn’t foresee in the beginning. Also, it’s a product of a “new” old Roland D20 through Boss DD20 delay pedal , which is actually one of the cheapest keyboards we ever bought (about £50) – sometimes weird little things are the most extraordinary.

To us it sounds very weird and unique in a good way.  While listening through headphones our ears feel like they are clicking but it was the song.  Its a song to relax and have a peaceful ethereal moment, with it sounding like you tweaked it a lot to get the right sound.

So we have talked about how you have developed your single. What is the last song you listened to and what did you enjoy about it?

Hannah: I love the sound of Cocteau Twins, so that’s on permanent repeat, especially the song “Cherry Colored Funk!” The dreamy, soundscapes, and ambient vocals gets me every time, and this song has a vibe that fits summer!

Nicolai: I just discovered Flume, and I really like the song “Wall F**k” – Luscious, spacious, instrumental – mmmmm…

We have to say never heard of them so will look at them when we leave this conversation.  We love finding different music and hearing where your ears are taking you both is good.

So to conclude, We always like to find out what took you both down this road of being a musician.  So why music? What drew you into the career of being a musician?

When you can’t help think, dream, eat and play music all the time, there’s just no other way! 

Very positive. Good way to finish – with a smile.


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