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We got a chance recently to sit down and chat to upcoming artist duo Bloom Twins. We chat about their music and how they find themselves in it.


Hi, please introduce yourselves to our Audience, and in 5 words describe your music.
We are ‘Bloom Twins’ – a mix of bitter/sweet, black and white, my sister and I or ‘Dark Pop’. Dark colours amongst the rainbow.  

Slightly more than 5 words but we let you get away with it.  What was the idea behind the single “A M N E S I A”, that has to be one of the weirdest videos I have seen in a while!?
Black and white illustrates the relationship between my sister and I – Ying and Yang. The song is about a dysfunctional relationship that many find themselves in, and you may not even know it’s dysfunctional until you look into your partners’ eyes and you forget all the problems and imperfections. It’s gives you ‘Amnesia’. The video illustrates the imperfections and the beauty of it when love pours down on you and ‘swallows’ you.


We talk a lot about how music inspires people, so what is the last song you listened to and what did you enjoy about it?
Anna: ‘Gnossiennes’ by Eric Satie was actually the last song I listened to.  We like to listen to various music styles and genres and this song is a perfect mix of dark thoughts in sweet, sophisticated phrases that are repeated a few times. It also tells you how confusing it is to sometimes be objective when you make the same mistake each time in similar situations. It reminds me of a confusing relationship.


Thanks for the tip, we love finding out about new music and we will keep a lookout for their music.

We seem to be asking this to a lot of musicians because of the answers we get but what drew you both into the career of been a musician?
I never thought that it was an actual choice, we were drawn to music before we started to talk. Almost all childhood memories are connected to it.

Everything changed in our lives the moment we moved to London. That was when we wrote our first songs, when we found our style, when we became ‘Bloom Twins’

Good to hear, passion from your childhood has come to the present day.  What should people expect from your live act?
Two spooky twins with two keyboards and our amazing drummer Paul Love. A mix of light sounds, electronic bass and sweet melodies.

Thanks for your time and we wish you both all the best in your music journey. Always a pleasure to talk to people behind a good sound.


For more on Bloom Twins:

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