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Last month, released in conjunction with Earth Day, Nahko and Medicine for the People released the video for “Make a Change”.  A fantastic idea for a video with Nahko going through 3 transformations which in turn act as part of the broader message. This broader message will be appears across the tracks and throughout their album HOKA – scheduled for the release on the 10th June.


We recently caught up with Nahko to talk all about music, life and what to expect from their album.

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Hi Nahko. So please introduce yourselves to our Audience, and in 5 words describe your music.

Aloha, my name is Nahko.  I’m an indigenous touring artist, singer/songwriter, and social/environmental activist.  Five words that describe my music would be: thought provoking, empowering, social commentary. Oh, and very important for this generation.  🙂

Having listened to quite a few of your tracks, we definitely feel those words in your music. With Earth Day last month, you released your video for the single “Make a Change” (For the Video in question – Click Here). What changes have you made for the better?

For me, I domesticated quite a bit this past year. I put some roots down and nested, that was a big deal. I put more time and energy into projects that revolve around ceremony and working with native people in america. I focused more on health and fitness while on the road. I challenge myself to learning songs in different languages. I’ve made a clear choice to focus a lot more on ushering our band into a new era of music and activism.  Picking my battles. I am drinking a lot less coffee and a lot more water.  Doubting myself less and sitting in my power more often and trusting my intuition a lot more. 



Nice to hear, it is always good to make life changes for the positive – health especially.  Touring around the world probably means you some time to listen to other people’s music. What is the last song you listened to and what did you enjoy about it?

The last song i listened to today was a new Zella Day track she emailed me. I enjoyed it because she is always blowing my mind with her poetry and melody. 

Inspiration can come in many forms and finding music that takes you into a different place or blows your mind is always good.  So with the musician life comes a lot of interesting experiences but what drew you into the career of been a musician?

I’ve been playing piano since i was 6. I music directed for a few years in my teens for theaters and traveling productions. I’ve been writing since i was a teenager too. I didn’t think i would ever ‘make it’ or consider myself a full time musician. I farmed for a good 5 years and worked construction, landscaping, line chef etc before I realised I didn’t need to do that full time anymore. 2012 was a turning point for me. There were too many signs to not follow my heart. I just kept following my nose and, well, here i am.


Its always nice to hear about life experience and what takes you down that path in life.  To bring it back full circle, your album is due for release on the 10th of June. What should we expect from the full album?

A plethora of poetry, genre bending, memorable melodies that incite thought and dialogue, late night dance parties and a soundtrack to the movement of freedom and justice within and without. A mature sound, a well rounded tempo and an emotional roller coaster of stories and mantras can be found on this new record.  i’ve got some of my best friends featuring on it, too. It’s one for the playlists, I reckon.


Cannot wait to find out for ourselves.  Thanks for your time and good luck on your musical journey.


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