5 Top Ways To Save Money



  • Sort out any current debts! Okay so this seems dead obvious but everyone has a money ghost they hide away from, if you do sort it, they will. There are so many companies out there waiting to help like Consumer credit service (CCS) and Citizens advice bureau  (CAB) Both are great services, very friendly and easy to use.
  • Convert to cash! Cards really are amazing and yes some have lovely pretty pictures on, but it is WAY too easy to hand over a card. Having money in cash lets you see what you have left and it means more to people than the balance on a card. You will get much more enjoyment watching your cash build up, even more than new stuff!
  • Get every points card going. This one is a must, get every points card possible, even if you don’t use the shop that often, because when you do eventually use it, you either have a lovely reward like 10% off or points, we all know ‘points means prizes’
  • Try to organise all bills to go out at the same time each month. This makes it so much easier to figure out how much you have left for food etc. Plus you do not have the added worry of having  enough for different bills at certain times. Set it to a day when you know you will have money it makes loads of difference.
  • Live like your on your last tenner. Okay sometimes this is no fun, but before you make a purchase, think, do you really need it and can you live without it? Normally you will end up putting it back, especially if it is an impulse purchase, plus when you do buy something it will mean far more to you.
Well those are the  top five ways to save, give it a try and let us know how it goes. Happy saving!
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I hope these can help someone, if you have anymore please share 🙂
Happy saving!

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