6 Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks


6 Healthy Drinks When Going Out


It’s Friday! You’re ready to go out with your friends and have a few drinks to celebrate the end of a long week. You’re looking forward to your favorite alcoholic beverage, but don’t let a few drinks ruin your week!


We all know alcoholic drinks aren’t healthy (in any way) and usually come with a lot of calories. Don’t feel guilty the next day about all the drinks you had the night before. Choose these healthier drink options.


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  1. Wine


Oh yes! Wine counts as a healthy alcoholic drink. The average glass of wine has about 100 calories. Plus, wine has anti-oxidants which are good for you too. Drink up!


  1. Manhattan


One manhattan has about 129 calories plus it tastes delicious. The alcoholic component of manhattan is whiskey which is lower in calories.


  1. Light Beer


Of course light beer would have fewer calories than regular beer. Top light beer choices are Miller 64, Bud Light, and Corona Light. If you need to have beer, try light!


  1. Gin and Tonic


A gin and tonic has around 170 calories. You can ask for diet tonic to avoid even more calories. Plus, it’s quite tasty.


  1. Bloody Mary


Usually a morning after drink, a bloody mary has about 120 calories per glass. Plus there’s tomato juice!


  1. Guinness


If you must drink beer (and won’t drink light) Guinness is actually the healthiest option! A glass of Guinness has about 128 calories.


What to Avoid


If you’re really trying to stay healthy and watch calorie intake, just avoid mixed drinks. Mixed drinks can have soda, sugar juice, and a mixture of high calorie liquors.


If you NEED to have your favorite mixed drink, you can substitute to save on calories.  Ordering a  rum and coke? Ask for a diet rum and coke.




Who’s buying the next round? A shot of tequila or vodka has approximately 100 calories. Just sayin’.

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