A Bouquet Unlike Any Other


Artists are able to evoke the strongest of emotions in us all, whether it is a painting or sculpture, the artist finds a way to tell the viewer exactly what their view of the world is, their reality and the reason that the viewer finds themselves emotionally connected to artists work, is that they see something of themselves in it, they see their reality too.  

This incredible power to bring on emotion is shared by the sense of smell.  It is quite amazing what one whiff of an aroma can do to a person.  It could be the scent of plasticine that brings us right back to our childhood, or the smell of a particular drink that reminds us of that concert that meant everything to us! 

Now the worlds of art and smell have been combined by the Dulwich Picture Gallery in the form of the Impossible Bouquet.

Impossible Bouquet

In the 18th Century, renowned Dutch still life painter Jan van Huysum spent up to two years painting Vase With Flowers.  What is so special about it?  Well, Huysum combined over 30 different flowers in to his artwork, many of which bloom at different times of the year.  This means that the bouquet Jan van Huysum painted could never have existed in reality, it was an impossible bouquet.

The fabulous people over at Dulwich Picture Gallery were so impressed with the idea behind Huysum’s work that they commissioned Quintessentially English to create the captivating aroma of the Impossible Bouquet from blended essential oils, including  Violet, Tulip, Iris and Rose.  They then tuned the creation into a beautiful Scented Reed Diffuser that translates the art into aroma.


This bespoke scented reed diffuser comes with 8 reeds, a 150ml bottle of scented oil and an apothecary-style glass decanter.  It is stunning and would add a touch of beauty to any room, not to mention making it smell incredible.

You and purchase a Jan van Huysum Impossible Bouquet Reed Diffuser from the Dulwich Picture Gallery for £27.00.

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