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We got chance to talk to Brigitte Aphrodite who is currently on tour of the UK.  We talk her music style, life and what to expect from her shows.

Hi Brigitte. Most people are not aware of your style of music. So in your own words, what is your style of music to you?

punk poetry cabaret pop indie…sweet spiky

My influences are: – Liza Minelli, Jarvis Cocker, Dolly Parton, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, French & Saunders, Jonathan Richmond, The Slits, Drag Queens, Neneh Cherry.

Thats a weird bag of influences but we can hear it in your music. So you gravitated to the “Spoken Word” style, why?

When i was a teenager in Bromley I used to write raps then go to parties in proper London (Depford) try & chat them & mostly get booed off the mic. So I suppose my work is a natural progression from that.


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Good to hear. You have to start somewhere. So now learning from that, what should we expect from your  current shows?

Raw like meat …exciting like pyrotechnics (but without pyrotechnics… (skint) Sweaty (mainly me..I SWEAT LIKE A WATERFALL )

Imagine watching the Beete Midler of the indie/poetry world.

Love it or loathe it I put on a show.  
Dam we wish we could see that. Maybe not the sweat but you get that at any gig. Who was the last music act that you went to see?

Went to Freschard & Stanley Brinks gig in a brilliant cafe in Leytonstone called All You read Is Love.

Freschard is french -her songs are sweet but powerful they really stay with you..brilliant melodies- simple yet clever lyrics funny ..her songs have got the charm & cheek of Serge Gainsbourg,.. I’m in Love with her basically and everyone else should be…her sound is lovely.

Its good to hear you pick up allot from seeing other acts.  We understand you have a busy tour so to finish off this chat. What has been the most positive experience you have had involving music?

Watching Pulp live at Leeds festival. I was so overwhelmed I passed out & got crowd surfed to security and had to watch the rest of the set alone a bit woozy & crying but it was a special moment.

Good luck tomorrow at Latitude.  We wish you well.



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