A Clockwork Brain 2.0 – Mobile Game Review


Looking for a brain trainer with a good entry level, Interested? Read on….


A Clockwork Brain 2.0 is a brain training game that focuses on building an experience around the games rather than the actual brain element. So the games each have different themes and can be played with differing timeframes.

The first game in the series was a big hit in 2014 with it winning awards.





Find the odd one out. (Icon with the least pieces)


The games offer a good degree of difficulty.  On initial playthroughes each games teaches the basics but it gets more and more complex. It keeps your attention as going into the games is never the same.

17 unique mini-games, each designed specifically to test and sharpen a particular cognitive function.   There are 4 premium mini games (you have to buy) but there are 13 non-premium mini games on the edition we played (they intend to add more). 

We like the attention to detail – each game means something different and the stats screen – keeps the statistics clear and concise.






The game is a good addition to our collection of Mobile games. It offers a good variety of mini-games with a good replay-ability value.  

Is it worth picking up?  – Yes it offers an different take on the “Brain Trainers” of old.  However would we buy the full “premium” edition – no.  Maybe if it added more value and felt less like a “freemium” game. 

3 out of 5

So – we likely look back once the game has more value and then re-evaluate the “premium” price point.




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