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There is definitely something to be said for growing old gracefully, too much emphasis is put on women to look younger for longer and all for the wrong reasons.  To us at Erisea, beauty is about being yourself and feeling good about the person you are, not living up to the so called norms that society would have us believe we should.  There is no shame in just letting nature take it’s course, every wrinkle is a story and is part of the journey through life that you have taken.  Equally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look younger or healthier, to reduce your wrinkles or brighten your eyes, so long as you are approaching it in a healthy way and for the right reasons, because it is what you want and feel you need, not because the world tells you that you do.

As we age inevitably so does our skin and in doing so it will go through a lot of changes.  One of the major factors that effects ageing skin is the loss of elasticity and becoming dull.  When the skin starts to lose the ability to spring back, we start to see the appearance of wrinkles and a more uneven texture in general to the skin’s surface.

If you are someone who feels that they would like to improve the appearance of the effects of time, you no doubt know there is an abundance of options out there to chose from.  It is all very confusing and at times  can be stressful, especially when you are just looking for something to put a little pep back into your skin, a little bounce and evenness.

Artistry Intensive Skincare are a company that aim to help you improve the condition of your skin in the comfort of your own home.  Their new formulation  offers a number of benefits that are similar to those received by having professional fractional laser treatment, leaving you with skin that is beautiful.

Artistry Skin Refinisher - £53.35

Artistry Skin Refinisher – £53.35

Artistry Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher

Boasting that effects can be seen from the very first application, Artistry’s Advanced Skin Refinisher aims to leave you with ‘a flawless finish immediately’ – clarified, smoothed, refined and softened, reducing the appearance of pores, brightening and improving the skin’s texture.

The formula includes Java Tea Extract which aide the suppression of excess sebum production.  Skin both loves and hates sebum, too much will leave you fighting acne, not enough dry, cracking skin but the right amount provides the skin with protection.

Star Fruit Leaf Extract works around the pores, tightening and removing the general slackness, whilst Oat Extract and Natural Moisturising Factor Sugars will exfoliate the surface of the skin which in turn unclogs pores and removes the layers of dead skin, resulting in a smoother texture overall.

Artistry decided to put their Advanced Skin Refinisher to the test and enter it into some clinical trials where 200 women gave the product a try for themselves.

  • Courtesy of Artistry

    Courtesy of Artistry

    A staggering 98% of the women, that is 196 out of the 200 women, found that their skin was smoother and softer.

  • 92% of them (184/200) felt they had, over time, an improved texture
  • 80%, which is a massive 160 out 200 women said that their pores were improved immediately after just one use.
  • After 4 weeks, the women stated that they saw a reduction of 62% in the appearance of their pores!

If you have low self esteem or confidence because of how your skin looks, then if he issues you are facing include uneven texture, lack of elasticity, large pores and so on, Artistry’s Advanced Skin Refinisher is definitely worth a go.



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