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This month we are going to have a look at how you can find new music based on your listening habits in Rdio.  It is actually really clever and the suggestions seem to be intelligent ones of bands, artists and so on that may really be of interest to you.

Rdio January


The home page is simple to navigate and everything is pretty self explanatory, which is a huge bonus as sometimes these apps can be rather complicated and confusing.

When signed in though you can scroll down on the homepage and a series of sections offering different insights into your music preferences become visible.  We like the suggestions based on what our friends are listening too which is limited to their playlists, but also to what is being suggested to them.

Rdio January1

Some of the best ideas come from the suggestions Rdio makes about who we should follow and specific albums based on individual artists we have been playing a lot.

The people who it is thought we should follow could be any one that might ave tastes in line with our own, radio stations with the latest tunes in their playlists and one or two random ones thrown in for good measure we think!   It is a great way to find new and interesting people to connect with through music!

Sometimes though we like a particular artist because of that something special they have that you might not have heard anywhere else.  For us with Misterwives this is the make up of the band and the wonderful voice of their lead singer, but there are other bands that we only like one or two songs, not an entire album, so Rdio will suggest albums and artists inspired by the unique attributes of the song you listened too.

There are so many ways to discover new music through Rdio!

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