A Quick Chat with Bars and Melody

BAM! We get a chance to talk to the unique duo of a singer and rapper.
Hi, Can you introduce yourselves to our audience.

Hi guys and gals, we are Bars and Melody and we are a rapping and singing, r&b hiphop pop, duo who came third on Britain’s got talent 2015
Nice to meet you, you recently finished your another tour. How is it touring the UK?
It was great we have just now finished our 2nd headline tour of the UK things are going great!
Nice to hear. What was your favourite tour destination this time around?
Birmingham is always a favourite on my list they are so full of energy and ready to party there, but all of our shows are insane to be honest, we have great fans.
Good to hear. Your album release “143” has hit and people are downloading it in droves. What is the one song on the album that might surprise people? 
The hidden gem for me (Charlie) is “Complicated”, it was the last track we recorded and nearly didn’t make it on the album.
Taking it away from your music for a second. What have you been listening to recently? 

The last song I listened to was “Drag me down” by one direction, they definitely took a turn in there musical direction, I love it, it sounds insane!!

Thanks for your time, last question. Since you are both at a young age, plenty of years are ahead of you. What should we expect from your band in the years to come? 
A lot of big things that can’t be revealed but it’s going to be huge! 


Good Luck Guys. Hope to see big things from you both.


For more information on the band visit:

Website: http://barsandmelodyofficial.co.uk/#contact

Twitter: @barsandmelody

Facebook: barsandmelody

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