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Summer is approaching and it seems that one thing women don’t talk about is the fact that intimate areas of a lady’s body require a little extra attention during those warm, sunny days.  Feminine Hygiene seems to be  bit of  taboo subject, so it is not surprising that us ladies have no idea that there are products out there that can help us deal with this issue.

It seems in fact that up to 60% of women find they have an issue in this area at some point.  It can be caused by any number of things including exercise, sexual activity, tight clothing and even tights.  Of course walking into a pharmacy and asking for something to help with vaginal dryness is going to be embarrassing for most of us, so of the 5 million women who do suffer with it, do nothing about it.  

We have come across a new brand called SASS, plain subtle packaging of products that can help with all manner of intimate hygiene issues and they can be picked up at Boots! The days of hiding embarrassing products are over, no more blushing at the shops, if you are one of the 60% of women in the UK who needs help in this area, SASS have it covered.

The range of nine products tackles most areas of feminine hygiene and we decided to take a look at three of them a little more closely for you:

protectProtection Barrier Cream

This cream is designed for the more active among us, to be applied pre-sport or workout, it protects the skin around the intimate areas, reducing friction and increase hydration, so the skin maintains it’s ‘top class performance’ whilst not compromising such a delicate area.  

In fact it is the first cream of its kind for women, most chamois creams are available for men, but they don’t account for the differences in female biology and so can end up causing more problems than they tackle, including causing thrush and BV.

100ml for £16.00

phpH Balance Serum

The pH Balance Serum is for when there is irritation downstairs.  It soothes, alms and aids the skin in recreating the balance needed in pH levels.  It even works to help prevent infections such as BV and thrush, and be used to treat any existing infection and is the first intimate pro-biotic serum.

30ml for £12

MistRefreshing Mist

Probably the most awful feeling in the world for a woman, is that feeling of uncleanliness that can build up during a hectic day.  It is simple enough to pop to the loo and have a clean, but the wipes that are generally used can again, cause more problems than they solve.  The Refreshing Mist is perfect for such occasions, kept on hand in your handbag (plain packaging), a quick spray and you are as fresh as a daisy! 

30ml £8

Available from Boots now! 

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