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Age of Wonders 3 is a modern re-imagination of long running series. In the game, the player joins a clash of rival  leaders in a medival fantasy themed world. The game features unique RPG-themed classes and specialisations, where Player can craft their empires to their own design, developing unique strategies to combat unique issues.

The best way to describe the game in its current form is to compare it to its rival. Civilisation, imagine a Civ game where the tactics are exclusive to the armies, the strategies are in the cities while you add some detailed RPG-themed heroes with magic thrown in.

A medieval fantasy world changing battles and wars. The player builds the armies of chosen classes and level up the heroes. 2 Single player campaigns, several scenarios and a random map generator await you.




Players find themselves for the majority of the time navigating a over-world map. This resembles a average civilization map or a detailed board game map. The player can select units, towns or other unique items on the map, then move them or casting a spell.

The ability to hot-key things to your keyboard does take some of the labour out – but the game is playable for the most part via the mouse only.

The design of the game helps slow the learning curve down and reduces learning time. It takes a while to understand the “Tome of Wonders” – the repository of lore and mechanical information. It eventually did came in handy and can be said to be a good comprehensive manual.

Its two main rivals Civilization and Crusader Kings, Age of Wonders sits in the middle for me. We learnt Civ incredibly quickly but picking up the complex Crusader Kings took time. Balancing depth with how fast people can pick it up is hard – but Age’s balance is better than some games.



It has a deep experience backed by intricate mechanics and gameplay features. It has a better polish than some strategy games of a similar format. Age of Wonders will keep you playing for long periods. With you saying to yourself “just one more turn”.


Overall Rating – 8/10


We be looking at the DLC – Next Week. 

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