Agents of Mayhem – Should You Try it?


Yes.  Its a game to be tried – thought of as a part of Saints Row Universe – but to be frank – think of it as a separate more family friendly entity.  It throws allot at the player to start off with but the pacing helps it greatly. 

Here are a few more reasons to get into the game – available on Xbox One and PS4.



The Main Characters

A part of the game is the “team” of characters that can be taken on Missions. They can be considered as the classes of the average 3rd Person shooter but re-jigged to throw the player into tackling situations in a different way – however the best way to think of it is Borderlands.

However you have a team of agents to pick from. The initial 3 can be best be thought of as the Light, the Medium and the Heavy.


Left to Right – Fortune, Hollywood and Hardtack.

Without spoiling the other agents collected and unlocked on the way – the initial 3 best show off the variability of the game.

Hollywood is your average shooter who can activate a special that clears the way. “Attention Seeker” and “Action Hero” special abilities – show what to expect from the character – without giving anything away.  We found him the good introduction character to try with his assault rifle.

Fortune is your light quick and agile person who can jump higher and is good for quick gameplay. Her Dual Energy Pistols mean you will be tapping that shoot button a hell of a lot.

Hardtack is your big and boisterous shotgun dude. Short range but high health means close combat is his game. We found him to be too hash due to the lack of accuracy with the shotgun.


Tackling a Situation in a Different Way

The thing about the game that varies it from Saints Row and Borderlands is its variability to tackling a situation. That variability is defined by who you take and what your preference is to gameplay. 

Are you the big heavy shoot them all down player or are you the light run around and tackle them. Or are you both. In the initial gameplay you only get access to the first 3 in the picture above – so you have to take on the situation -with that variability.

Depending on your difficulty setting you could be “downing” your heavy dude and trying to get your light woman to get through a heavy situation.  It relies on you to think on your feet.



Its not the perfect game but it gives that variability and good characters to make you interested in it. Forget about the reviews for the most part – buy the game when it gets reduced in price.


Want more info – We will be talking more during the month – as we continue to fall down the rabbit hole.




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