Alan Davies As Yet Untitled – S5E4 Review


Here is a quick review of the latest episode of Alan Davies chatshow.   Spoilers ahead.


Stars with Alan, this week: Jamali Maddix, Melanie C, Ardal O’Hanlon and Jessica Knappet.


Scene By Scene Thoughts

Perfection introduction to the guests. I have to admit I know only 2 of the 4 guests.

It dates itself by filming by talking about Leeds vs Liverpool game.


“Bradford has the biggest sewage works”

Didn’t expect them to be talking about Lady Gardens.  Weird story.


Festival Experiences

Nice stories about different levels of experiences. Ardal singing “My Lovely Horse” for a festival crowd.  Mel getting pee, an apple and a Weetabix thrown at her.

It is interesting talking about big and small crowd differences.


“We fell out all the time”

Mel talking about the Spice Girls and their early history.  Weird stories from Mel, stealing a cassette from management company.  Then stealing from Nelson Mandela- stones and toilet roll. WTF.

Lol – Frank Bruno was supposed to be the bus driver in the Spice Girls movie, not Meatloaf.

“Whats that?”  “Its just a pillow….”

Jamali breaking the toilet in Bob Marley’s house, is sooooooooo funny.  “He smashed everything!!!!”


“I’m not the hero of this story”

Lol! Jessica knocking back drink at someone else’s party that they don’t know.

It was a memorial!!

“I went to the wrong funeral once”

Lol both Ardal and Jessica going to the wrong events.  Its so weird.


“I was attached to Madonna”

Mel talking about Madonna is weird.  Then the group goes into full depth into unfortunate events around Madonna.


“I never knew you knew Hitler”

Never be gloomy in the O’Hanlon household.  Or you get your mother to think you knew Hitler.

“0 for 6”

Jamali talks about how he got invited into a Klu Klux Klan bar (bad spelling I know).  Then he went to a pie festival – WTF.

Is Ardal stupid?

Final story of the night was about Ardal not been as dumb as his characters he plays.  Takes a taxi and forgets he left his car at the airport. Lol.



Lovely show, it so different from the average talk show.  It holds its creativity high and lets the conversation just flow with the host prompting only when needed.


For More Info –

I watched this ahead of schedule but  you can catch this episode again on UKTV Play.  

UK Premiere Airing on Dave Tuesday 14th March 10pm.

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