Album Review – Flavia Coelho – Amar E Amar


About the Artist

Flavia Coelho is a quirky Brazilian singer with confidence and attitude. She delivers an mix of samba, bossa nova, Brazilian rap, reggae and ragga with a effortless nature to it. The listener hears straight away a joyous approach and a adventurous spirit to the sound.

She found her interest in music in a very unique way. She is the daughter of a hairdresser for drag Queens. Flavia found her voice by singing the songs of Diana Ross, Nina Hagen and the Brazilian divas of pop including Gal Costa. 

While growing up and hanging out in the Rio Favelas, she sang in the bars accross the city and took her voice to new sounds not often heard in the city.  She tried styles and genres differing from grunge to punk, rock to jazz, rap to pop.

In 2006, she left Rio for a journey in Paris (She continues to reside there today).  She recorded her debut album, Bossa Muffin, and was regarded by the Guardian as a great album.

‘one of the most joyful, easygoing fusion sets of the year… a rhythmic clash of Brazilian and Caribbean styles … slinky melodies and bursts of rapid-fire hip-hop’ . – The Guardian

The 2012 album earned rave reviews and has earned her a legion of fans around the world. Her spirit echos that off world music legend Manu Chao. Now coming into 2015 she looks to her new album Mundo Meu as the next stage of her journey.



About the Album

Mundo Meu is her latest offering. It looks at her plunging back into her roots with a colourful urban jungle of sound and native slang.

 “Unfolding  her inner world like an immense, multicoloured urban map, her flow resonates to an urban Baile Funk;  Repente becomes Afrobeat; Forró and Samba find a new life fuelled with Hip-Hop;  African roots join Kanak chants; Bolero joins Ragga while East European music becomes tropical via Jamaica.”

Different songs look at different aspects. Por Cima, is about a woman who sacrifices all for her man in a Brazilian Bolero inspired song.

Flavia sings about the beauty of Brazil but also the dangers. Her tributes go to the street artists and workers of the favelas and of the solidarity between expats.

Guest musicians and voices on the album include: German superstar Patrice, cult rapper Speech (Arrested Development), accordionist Fixi of Java and the legendary drummer Tony Allen.


Our Thoughts

 A good easy listening album. We for the most part did not understand the lyrics but that did not detract from the album. Good listening to a different culture of music and brought a smile to our faces at the right songs.

Favourite Songs

Espero Voce –  An strangely great  duet song similiar to when Shakira and Wyclef Jean performed together.  Good rhythm and great alternate line sections between the voices.

Vazio – A different rhythm to most the album. It stands on its on as a weirdly good song.



For More Info: Click Here (It is in French)


Album Events

May 17th Norfolk & Norwich Festival, The Adnams Spiegeltent (10pm)

May 18th Rich Mix, London (the opening concert in the Serious Space Shoreditch Festival)

About Author

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