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How about some tranquil pop singing? – Enter Hannah Schneider, a Danish songstress full of  “Melancholic and Playful Pop.”

About Hannah

Hannah is a singer/musician based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is influenced by fellow Scandinavian Artists Jenny Wilson, Lykke Li and Agnes Obel.  She crafts with fascination for sampling and takes things from the electronic sound side of  music.

In her music, the weirder the sound the better from a drum playing on  a kitchen table to the sound of a door closing. It brings a more edgy feel to her sound.

It is quoted from her site she is “a rarely skilled pop songwriter, who manages to put herself at stake”.  We got a chance to look at her latest album – Red Lines.




Red Lines – Album Review



Red Lines – Available for Download now.

Song by Song Comments

Song by Song – looking at what grabbed the attention of the listener. This was through multiple play-throughs of the album.

Butterfly Lovers

One of the best Songs on the Album – the catchy lyrics got to us.


Another song with a good catchy chorus. Good stuff.

Dreaming Kind

Our pick for the best song on the album. The progression of the song itself caught us the most.

Silent Sea

A good tranquil song that flows through the mind as it goes.

Life is Easy

Whistling and fun levels up for this song.

Square One

Upbeat and has a good tempo.


We didn’t know what to think of this song.


A good song with a catchy single lyric – “I get lost” (meant in a good way).


Very angelic song – weirdly. It hits a “angelic” feel with the sound of her voice combined with the backup singers chanting.

Wild Geese

Another tranquil song – quite relaxing beat and it paces well.


Similar to December – it feels very angelic. Very light and fluffy feeling wise.

Wild Open

A good change-up in pace.




It is good album. It fits those who like to relax to music – the overall tone of the music is relaxing and has no real hard hitting numbers.

It definitely fits the mantra – “Melancholic and Playful Pop.”

Everyone needs a soft tranquil album to their collection – Score – 7/10



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