As the trend for buying Thank You Teacher gifts continues to boom and parents become more competitive about gift-giving, latest research shows they should forget the standard chocolate and flowers, and instead head to the wine aisle if they want to impress teacher.

Controversially, a survey of UK teachers and parents by leading multi-store gift card company One4all, shows it is gifts of wine, beer and other types of alcohol that go down the best with teachers, and are the most likely to get into their good books. And parents seem to be tuning into this preference, with 70% of teachers reporting they commonly receive these types of gifts.

Meanwhile, gift vouchers and hand-made presents were voted the second and third types of gifts teachers would most like to receive

And with competition to please at the end of term being fierce, with 16% of parents feeling there is increasing rivalry between children to give the best thank you presents to teachers and 14% admitting to feeling pressured by other parents to give a gift, this knowledge will be invaluable.

More than 1 in 10 parents admit to giving thank you presents to improve the relationship they or their children have with a teacher and 5% even admit to giving thank you presents in the hope that it will impact on their children’s marks.

A quarter of teachers, however, feel that this competitive present buying between parents can have a negative impact on pupils. It’s also leaving teaching staff up and down the country inundated with presents they do not want or need.

Jewellery, toiletries and tickets to events (e.g. sports/music/theatre events) are the worst offenders, with UK teachers rating them the three types of gifts they least like to receive from pupils.

Almost 1 in 4 (23 %) teachers admit to often donating unwanted presents to charity, while almost 1 in 10 (9 %) have admitted to giving unwanted thank you gifts as Christmas or birthday presents in the past.

Despite this, 1 in 3 (34.62%) are actually quite sentimental, admitting to keeping every thank you present they receive.

Declan Byrne, UK Managing Director, One4all Gift Card says, “Teachers do an extremely important job for our children, so a gift is a great way to say thank you at the end of term. It’s always best to give a gift that someone really wants or can make use of, which is most likely why alcohol and gift vouchers are the top choices for teachers.”

“ Over the past few years we’ve noticed a huge increase in our own sales of Thank You Teacher gift cards so this backs up the research statistics that teachers enjoy a flexible gift.  One4all sales of Thank You Teacher gift cards have actually increased by 144% YOY which we know is hugely down to the trend of parent’s chipping in together to buy a more practical gift.”

The majority (46.3%) of UK parents spend less than £5 on thank you presents for teachers. Over a third (34.33%) will spend up to £15.

Primary teachers (45%), personal tutors or tutor group teachers (28%), teaching assistants and other support staff (22%) are the teaching staff that receive the most thank you presents from parents.

Meanwhile, English and maths teachers were the most popular subject teachers, with science trailing a little behind.

The One4all gift card is available from Post Offices nationwide and online at

 Top 10 Gifts Teachers want to receive at the end of the school term:

1.              Alcohol

2.              Gift vouchers

3.              Handmade gifts

4.              Chocolate

5.              Personalised gifts e.g. a picture or message from the pupil

6.              Flowers

7.              Stationary

8.              Tickets to concerts

9.              Toiletries

10.             Jewellery

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