The Old City is now a place of dilapidated buildings and people who seem passed the point of desperation.  Within the city walls there is a hospital, drab, dull and imposing, it houses the remnants of souls tormented and screaming.  There are plenty of people who have been committed to the hospital and in one of the rooms is a woman who can not remember why she is there.  She has faint memories, echoes of a life long over, singing, tea parties and strange people, but she is not that person anymore her hair is dirty and tangled, it was once long, shiny and blonde, she is no longer the girl of the memories that echo in her mind.

One night there is a sudden commotion as a fire erupts in the hospital, seizing her chance, the woman makes her escape, one that she wants to use to find just what has happened to her, to find the truth about what she experienced all those years ago.  She is fueled by the visions of blood, the specter of long ears.  She did not escape alone though, something else made a bolt for the door too, something dark, something evil and very powerful.

She slowly makes her way through the crumbling city and whilst she does the rabbit awaits the arrival of his Alice.

Incredibly atmospheric and filled with darkness, Alice is one for horror and Alice in Wonderland fans alike.  With every page comes new insight into the life that the woman once lived and the horror that she witness, the truth as to why she was imprisoned in that hospital.  An absolutely thrilling read that will have you gripped from start to finish, Alice by Christina Henry is an absolute must and even has a sequel hot on its heels, The Red Queen.

Available courtesy of Titan Books for just £7.99 (RRP)

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