Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland – A Very Merry Birthday


Oxford University PressIn 1865,  Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, wrote a story for a young girl called Alice Liddell, a story that would eventually become one of the most famous ones in history, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.  

For anyone who has grown up reading Alice’s story, Wonderland has become a land of enchantments, danger and utter nonsense.  A place of strange and majestic characters that will confuse and delight you all at the same time.  Now, 150 years later, we celebrate Wonderland in all of its glory, you might end up yelling ‘off with your head’ by the time we have finished, but we think the risk is definitely worth it.

So, for the month of June keep an eye out for a whole host of Alice in Wonderland themed articles as we tumble down the rabbit hole…

To kick off our Alice themed month, Oxford World Classics have very kindly given us ten copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass to give away.  All you have to do is to fill out the Rafflecopter below, make sure to fill all of the mandatory options or you will be disqualified! 

Good luck! 

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  1. Tracy Nixon on

    I love the Cheshire Cat becasue I love cats and Bagpus – and he looks very much like Bagpus! He is always smiling too – so could cheer anybody up!

  2. Miss Tracy Hanson on

    I love the Mad Hatter – he makes me laugh, especially with the weird clothes he wears and the daft stuff he does. πŸ™‚

  3. The Queen of Hearts because I would like to do a few ‘Off with her head’s’! Wouldn’t it be fantastic even just for one day…

  4. I always liked the line “Twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder where your at” but I don’t know who said it. Love the Queen of Hearts and her use to the flamingos!

  5. the mad hatter because he just says the most wonderful things like ‘No wonder you’re late. Why, this watch is exactly two days slow’ how can you not love a character like that

  6. Christine Lockley on

    My fave character has to be the Cheshire Cat because no matter what kind of day he’s having he always looks like he’s having a great time

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