Alma de Cuba launches Nespresso-compatible capsules


Alma de Cuba, the soul and spirit of artisan Cuban coffee, launches its first premium Nespresso©-compatible capsules. Priced at £8 for 20 capsules, the product is available at

The Nespresso©-compatible Cafecito Capsules are filled with 100% Arabica Cuban Mountain Coffee: a trusty single-origin from one of the top coffee-growing countries in the world.

Each capsule is individually foil wrapped to ensure the freshness is sealed into the pod, and as soon as the hot water pushes through the pod your kitchen is filled with the intense aroma of freshly ground coffee.

The medium to high roast bean is packed full of flavour: and ready in seconds with no mess to clean up as the grounds are contained in the pod.

All Alma de Cuba coffees are available for worldwide delivery online at

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