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With so many options out there, it is hard to know exactly what streaming service you want to go for.  The thing is, each have their own merits and all of them have exclusives.  Amazon Video is one of the choices.

Amazon Video comes as part of your Amazon Prime package, you can find out more about Amazon Prime here.  It opens up a world of fantastic TV shows and movies for you to watch, in all genres and can be watched on many platforms, such as PCs, games consoles and through Smart TVS. 

4There is something very satisfying about sitting down in the evening and browsing through your streaming service to find the perfect thing to watch that matches your mood.  When using Amazon Prime all of the TV shows and films are separated in to various categories, so you can easily select something that suits what you fancy watching.  Aside from the usual categories of horror, comedy, drama, action etc, Amazon also categorise using the most popular shows and films, highest rated, Amazon Originals and those recommended based on your viewing history.

2There are some incredible things to watch on Amazon Prime, but the exclusives are of course movies and films that can only be viewed if you have Amazon Prime Video.  Currently, and one we are excited to sit down and watch, American Gods is one of the top billed exclusives available.  Based on Neil Gaiman’s book, American Gods is a TV show that reveals the world of Gods, those who fear being made irrelevant by the newer gods, attempt to take back their popularity in a war that is fuelled by magic and the pursuit of glory.

Another Amazon exclusive TV show is The Man in The High Castle, which is a fantastically clever series that features a world created by Phillip K. Dick.  In this world the Allies lost World War II and subsequently the German government, headed by Hitler and the Japanese are in power across the world.  Incredibly written, with a brilliant cast that truly bring to life a world that could have been. 


There are hundreds of films to choose from too.  Right now The Girl On The Train is available with Amazon Prime Video, an adaptation of the chilling book by Paula Hawkins.  Starring Emily Blunt, Girl On The Train is about a young woman who has recently divorced from her husband and hasn’t taken it very well.  Every day she catches the train passed her old house and becomes infatuated with a couple who she can see each day from the train, just a few doors down.  Thrilling and full of twists and turns, Girl On The Train is one not to miss.



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