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American Heist is a film based upon the traditional Bank Robbery Films but twists it a little. The story follows brothers James and Frankie, Frankie after taking the full rap of the crime both committed together comes out of jail and is in trouble. James whilst  Frankie was serving his time had turned his life around but once Frankie was out – he drags James back into it.

This is a character piece with each main part played well. Adrien Brody and Hayden Christensen play the brothers well and most of the film is around their brotherly relationship.  Adrien plays Frankie and shows off Frankie’s emotional state of breakdown well, Hayden plays off Adrien well.

Frankie ends up needing his brother’s explosive expertise to blow up stuff in a bank heist with gangsters Sugar and Ray.  The leadup and the actual bank heist were well done.


Overall Thoughts

It took a while to get into the plot, but once we did it clicked.  The brothers were well defined characters and seeing their flaws play out and how the film ends will surprise the average movie watcher (we won’t ruin it).

Downside is that Jordan Brewster’s role of love interest for Hayden’s character felt too short and seemed to be quickly written in. 

Overall an good film worth seeing, it has its flaws but the conclusion of it will make it worth its while.

3 out of 5

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