An Album Review – Cold Tales by Little Brother Eli


An album released a few weeks ago, Cold Tales came to our attention. Little Brother Eli are the band and the rocky/ country feel to it all.  We get allot of songs come across our desk and this is a great one to add to your collection.


Track by Track Thoughts


Good opening track with a good guitar rift to start it off.  Sets up the album’s tone well.

Who Do You

Weird beginning with it feeling like a professional wrestling introduction – until the lyrics start.  Midpart, it feels like a different song but has the same rhythm set from the beginning rifts – feels weird.

This Girl

My favourite so far as we listen to it. Good vocals combined with good guitar and drum sections – even with a section it flips the song on its head.


Good vocals for this one.  Lyrics are weird and different to what you hear normally – in a good way.

Roll Away

Slower track and semi ballad.   Catchy main lyric.


Good feel to the song with it’s been a good “to dance to” track feel.


Slow down after Gold.  Ok track not as memorable.

Shake Me

Fastest track on the album.  Weird placement on the album but still keeps the albums overall feel.

Beautiful People

Going back over the album for the review – this is a grower. 

Cold Tales

A good ending to the album.


Overall Album Thoughts

A good album with good pacing through all the tracks.  Some more catchier than others but the album looks to cover ground and establish Little Brother Eli.  It definitely does. 


4 out of 5





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