Anna Phoebe – Between The Shadow And The Soul – Album Review


Anna Phoebe

A Violinist and a composer, Anna offers something different to the usual stuff heard on the radio. She tours around the world dazzling the audience with her  charismatic performances. Playing major arenas in the States, UK, and has even played the festivals such as Glastonbury, Fuji Rock and Sonar Festival.

The thing about Anna is how she has learnt her craft, she is able to be a soloist but also link up with artists/bands such as Jon Lord, Jethro Tull and the Trans Siberian Orchestra. She has released albums before in 2006 and 2008 and still continues to tour worldwide and develop her sound in both live performances and in the studio.

The latest album was completed with guitarist Nicolas Rizzi and recorded with her own band based in London. The Album was then mixed and mastered by Drew Mazurek.

Between The Shadow And The Soul – Album Review

This is a instrument only music album – no lyrics behind the music but that does not hold it back. It contains allot of diversity within the tracks.




 Track by Track

  1. Shadow
  2. Mostar
  3. Singular Mind
  4. Nines
  5. A Moment’s Deception
  6. Embrace (Acoustic)
  7. Uncrowned
  8. Inception
  9. Athena
  10. Soul



An introduction piece to start the album off.


Her first released single off the album. It works as a defined piece – offering a diverse range of tempos and hidden elements underneath.  The later sections slow the piece down to then be brought back up to a conclusion.

Singular Mind

Different to the others with a plucking violin beginning. Already the rhythm sets it apart from the first two songs. Sounds like there is some vocal chanting hidden underneath the song.

The  midsection – hard to describe. A vocal chant with a eastern drum beat.

Later sections – build it back up to a conclusion again.


Picks up the drum beat from Singular Mind – then twists it. A guitar paces the song differently than before. Piano is then introduced later.  It is very imaginative – makes the listener want to float away.

A Moment’s Deception

Sounds like a theme tune to begin with. Then more instruments build up the sound.  It builds to a mid section “rock off”. Then goes in a different direction than expected – assume due to the title of the song.

Embrace (Acoustic)

Most traditional classical song so far. No large arrangements of instruments just the violin and piano. A good change of pace.


Drums – ah must be the “rock song”.  It is following the pattern  – Large sound, midsection quieter and a later section speed up and volume up.


A slow down song. No big beats and no big instruments – until the mid section guitar riffs.


Guitar and strange background sound beginning.  The build up then diverted to what the rest of the album is then builds back into the song. It is a good listen to figure out what then next change up from the norm is coming.


A dramatic conclusion to a unique cultural album.


Throughout the album, Anna embraces her cultural diversity. In the Album, the sounds of the Middle East, Eastern European, gypsy and tabla can be heard. Its change of genre in some of the songs makes this a great unique find.



For more information about Anna. Click Here.

Her next big announced performance is London’s October Gallery on November 11th.

“Performing  music from Between the Shadow and the Soul she is joined by her stellar band featuring her long-time writing partner guitarist Nicolas Rizzi , Yves Fernandez on bass, Francesco Lucidi on drums and Simran Singh Ghalley on tabla.”


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