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Julien Farel Hydrate Restore 2000x2000As with skin, when the hair ages it loses it’s shine a little, important vitamins and minerals and looks less healthy.  The hair will become harder to manage and need a little more care and attention.

Julien Farel is a New York City based hair stylist to the stars and has very recently unveiled his ‘first-of-its-kind’ Anti-Ageing Restore product for the hair.  It aims to deliver Bioactives to the hair to target repair, offer vital protection and give and intense hydration.

Julien Farel says that ‘It’s inevitable.  
As we age, our hair does too –
it loses its lustre, its volume and its manageability.’

So with that in mind he designed a range of products to combat this by applying the practices found in skincare to the hair.  Instead of just looking at the strand of hair, Julien decided to take a look at the follicle, hair shaft and the scalp.

 “Just as the grass doesn’t grow in sand,
healthy hair doesn’t grow from a barren scalp.  
When the skin is deprived of certain nutrients,
its protective barrier weakens and exposes the signs of ageing.  
The scalp is no different.’

Therefore by using a combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Bioflavonoids and Resveratrol a powerful environment for the hair to grow at it’s optimum.  It is available in a range of varieties form  Hydrate, for normal to fine hair, Vitamin, for treated hair, (such as being coloured).  It is also produce in a family range and as a leave in version to tame the hair that is even less manageable.

You can find out more about Julien Farel and his range here!


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