Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme 7-in-1


Skin care has never been easier that using the Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme 7-in-1, a face mask than in just 10 minutes tackles not one, not two, but seven areas of the skin to leave you with beautiful luminous, nourished skin to wow and excite!

Antonia Burrell 7 in 1

The seven ‘wonder skin benefits’ are:

  1. Deeply Hydrate – Time released encapsulation promote improved elasticity, moisture retention and luminosity.
  2. Brightening – Brighten the complexion and blur uneven skin tone by 42%.
  3. Biological Ageing & Anti Oxidant – Slow down senescence, premature ageing and protect cellular DNA from oxidation by 64%.
  4. Repair – Reduce the number of sun damaged cells and cell death from UV exposure by 69%
  5. Cleansing – Clarify and deeply purge without drying.
  6. Smooth and Firm – renew and refine the texture of the skin.
  7. Anti-blemish/Acne – Reduce blemishes, inflammation and comedones by 72%.

Including many natural ingredients, the mask has been create to give the skin the utmost benefit when it is used.  Antonia refers to the ingredients as Pure Plant Alchemy, including the use of:

  • Phoridium Persicinum Extract – this is a micro algae that works to slow down ageing, repair the sun damaged cells and evens out the skin tone leaving it brighter.
  • Bentonite Clay – absorbs dirt that it draws out of the skin using electrical attraction.
  • Lactic Acid & Abyssinian Oil – leaving the skin deeply lined, these ingredients also promote the growth of new cells.
  • Mango Butter – Reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Mango Butter helps to reduce the degeneration of skin cells and aids the restoration of elasticity, whilst protecting the skin from UV and weather damage.
  • Organic Anti Blemish Active – reducing comedones, which increase inflammation and blemishes, is from the Brazilian Rainforest.  It also gives the skin a matte finish.

Simply apply this mask to the skin and leave for ten minutes, then rinse with a hot cloth.  It leaves the skin feeling firmer, smoother, fresh and healthy, whilst noticeably looking brighter and luminous!

Check out Antonia’s website for your nearest stockist!

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