Anxious – Positive Talk


Its weird to think that positive thoughts and positive actions can come from such negative/ and sometimes positive emotions.

This short series of posts will look at an emotion each day and look at how it makes us feel but in a positive light. Added to that a picture of what colours and shapes define it for me personally. (good way to get a picture done)

Anxious – Our Definition

Anxious is a a difficult emotion to deal with. It can sometimes be defined as just being nervous to tackle a situation – or nervous when you took a chance on an opportunity.

How to deal…

Nerves do get the best of us of the most times but feeling anxious can lead to success. Stressful it can be but destressing can be as easy as getting over it and pushing through.

Personal Thoughts

Its better said than done. We have all being there and in that anxious place. Its all about talking to yourself about the positives that can happen from it.

I have had job interviews where I have being anxious to hell. Calming yourself by thinking of the positives – learning from mistakes and knowing next time you wont be as nervous and anxious.

Hope that helps – the main bit of advice I give anyone for any of these pieces is to talk to someone, seek advice from the right person. Always Push to the positive.

Until tomorrow – What emotion do you think we picked begining with a b?

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