Apple Juice- Apple Juice Inspired by Isaac Newton


Newton’s have put up a new apple juice drink and say it has a healthy twist. Interested to see what the twist is? Read On….



“Newton’s Appl Fizzics is a golden amber apple juice blended with lightly sparkling water producing a delightfully crisp and curiously refreshing taste.”

The juice in the bottle is completely natural, with no artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours and absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners.  Added to that it contains no e numbers, hence no ‘e’ in the “apple” of “appl fizzics”.


Inspired by Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity – the way he spotted an apple falling out of the tree to the ground. This new juice drink has been named after it by Newton’s own “fizzicians”.

This drink contains approx. 40% less sugar than ordinary apple juice.  Thus making it a perfect soft drink for sugar conscious adults and children who need a soda alternative.

“Newton’s appl fizzics means no compromises – less sugar means fewer calories compared to many juice drinks and yet it remains all natural, with no nasty artificial sweeteners.”


Overall Thoughts

From someone who drinks allot of soda – this is a terrific find.  It hits the mark for the lover of fizz but also hits that health kick that “Diet” soda does not.  Would we buy more – at its current price point (at time of writing – stated below) yes.  

You will get some – Great surprising flavour, Great fizz, Great health.

5/5 from us.

5 out of 5

Available in 330ml bottles with an RRP of £1.29 and 750ml with an RRP of £2.49 from, Harrods and independent grocers, farm shops and delis. The new sparkling juice is best served chilled and is a wonderfully thirst quenching drink when enjoyed straight from the bottle, or served over ice.


Picture provided by Spider PR. 

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