Are you Prepared to Travel?


The holiday you have booked no doubt raises your spirits, has you gripped in the frenzy that is holiday fever. You are thinking about all the beautiful clothes you will take, how many bikini’s? How many pairs of shoes will go in that case?

Then you have things at home you are making sure you have taken care of, who is looking after the dog? are the lights on timers? Is the house secure?

Everyone is caught in the moment and think of certain things when it comes to going off on our travels, but do you plan well for your actual holiday, think of the eventualities if certain things might happen? Some people are good with this, methodical and prepared. They plan to have any prescription medication ready to take with them, make sure they have contact numbers for anyone they may need to ring in an emergency.

It’s also important to remember there are things to take with you that can make your holiday easier should you have a tougher time. Obviously everyone should have travel insurance, but make sure you take all the documentation with you and highlight clearly any contact numbers you may need to call should a problem arise.

It is easy to take some basic medications with you should you feel unwell, this would save you trying to hunt down a chemist, trying to explain what’s the matter. Basic pain killers, a small first aid kit, something to settle a troubled stomach, these are all good things to take.

PrintAn interesting product that covers many of travellings troublesome illness issues is Silicolgel. Quite a handy thing to have with you when you pack your bags.  This one bottle of a Oral gel product can help you with Heartburn, Reflux, Vomiting, Nausea, Stomach ache, Discomfort, Diarrhoea and even Flatulence. It’s a product that gently forms a protective and soothing coating over the lining of the stomach and intestines. Quite useful as most people over indulge on holiday and feel worse for wear with one of the above physical problems.

It seems that Silicolgel in one bottle, could replace the need for many other products, making it a very handy travelling companion.

Another big issue for many people are bites from insects. Whilst its always a very good idea to take an insect repellent to keep the not so well loved little critters away, some people seem to still be an attractive prospect and will still get bitten even with a good covering of a repellent.

Often the problem comes when you have been bitten and the bites swell and become itchy and sore, the more you scratch the more they itch and the more they swell.  Itch Gone is a small device that requires no batteries or charging, it gives relief to insect or mosquito bites. Its fast, effective, safe and drug free. Soothing the awful inflammation and itching.

ItchGone White Background End View LightYou simply apply the tip of Itch gone to the affected area, click the button up to 15 times to get relief and soothe the itching. You can do this as often as you need to, it’s drug free so no chance you can overdose or cause harm.  It works by sending tiny little electrical impulses through the skin, you may feel a small sensation. The circulation in the area increases to neutralise the chemicals and histamine produced by the bite/sting to relieve the troublesome itching.

It’s a nice small product that is a great replacement for tubes of different creams and brilliant as you can’t go over the top with it.  It is a medical device so it is important to read the information on the product to make sure its right for you.

Basically what we all need to remember is as much as we all can’t wait to get on our holiday, strip and get in that bikini, it’s really quite important to take just a little bit of time to prepare ourselves to make sure that if we should feel unwell its something relatively easy to deal with.


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