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Any Batman fan out there has been waiting patiently for the next, and final, instalment of Rocksteady Studios incredible Batman trilogy.  The wait is over and Batman™ Arkham Knight has finally arrived! 

Batman™ Arkham Knight is going to have you hooked from the moment you pop in your disc, for a start we have the Batmobile and vehicle that is a legend in its own right and now plays an integral part in the game.  Batman, the Batmobile and all of the fantastic game play features of the previous offerings, coupled with a gripping storyline, side quests and of course Riddles to solve, there is a chance that this games main villain Scarecrow will not be the only thing keeping you up at night! 

Batman™ Arkham Knight  brings Gotham to its knees as Scarecrow threatens the lives of every single inhabitant of the city.  He isn’t alone in his endeavour though, he is joined by a completely new character to the Batman Universe, the Arkham Knight.  A mysterious enemy, Batman must go up against the two in an effort to save the day and the city.  

Be The Batman

BAK_Sshot088Living up to the creators name, DC Comics (Detective Comics), you become Batman, ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’ and can spend the hours solving complex riddles from the man himself, The Riddler, or you could clean up the streets of Gotham with the sleek, intuitive, free-flowing combat system.  Of course you could solve crimes in true detective fashion and the forensics features here will help.  Go into Detective Mode and find clues, scan for evidence and follow leads. 

With weapons and gadgets from Wayne Tech that can be improved and upgraded throughout the game, there is no shortage of ways to take down enemies and overcome obstacles.  From explosive gel to smoke pellets, not to mention the Batclaw and famous Batarang! Batman’s suit can also be upgraded to provide better protection as you fight and glide throughout the city streets.

No Batman would be complete though without the addition of the Batmobile…

Drive The Batmobile

BAK_Sshot074In a huge open world such as Gotham City, it is only right that Batman have not just a car, but THE car.  The Batmobile has been completely redesigned and now comes with a full range of high-tech gadgets and gizmos to help the caped crusader in his tasks.  

Seamlessly transitioning from high-speed chases to combat ready, the Batmobile is actually a major part of the game.  Not only can you travel the streets of Gotham at break neck speeds, but you can use the vehicle as a weapon against the army that Scarecrow has amassed.  With rockets and machine guns, Batman can use the legendary car to help defeat his foes, but that is not all!  The Batmobile is also equipped with the means to help Batman solve puzzles, riddles and crimes with its forensics mode.

It feels like more than just a car, it is an extension of Batman himself, improving and widening game play like never before!


BAK_Sshot019For the first time Gotham City has been completely recreated by Rocksteady Studios and you, the player can explore every lovingly made inch at your leisure because the entire game is a free roaming open world.  In fact it is easily more than five times the size of Batman: Arkham City, but it loses none of the attention to detail.

Villains & Missions

BAK_Sshot046 (2)There is plenty to be going on with in the game besides the main storyline.  Along the way Batman will meet some old acquaintances, including the tremendously bad Harley Quinn, Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and many more.  He will come across friends too, Alfred, Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon and Cat Woman to name a few.

As the game progresses, so does the amount of paths Batman go down.  Stick with the main storyline by all means, but you will be missing out on a rich catalogue of exciting and engaging side missions if you do.  From tracking down Gotham’s Most Wanted criminals, to rescuing innocent citizens and Firemen, there is always something to do when you are Batman! 

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We give it 10/10


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