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MMMMM.  Me need a snack, me need to take something on that longer journey.  I got a chance to try out the latest in polo’s with the Polo pots.  Read on for more info…. 



Much loved mint brand Polo have launched brand new handy Polo Pots. The recyclable pots contain around 44 mints and are perfect for on-the-go by keeping in your handbag/car. The pots are available in the POLO® original as well as the sugar free range – including POLO® Sugar Free and POLO® Sugar Free Extra Strong, which only contain approximately 10kcals per serving and have been accredited by the Oral Health Foundation.

RRP: £1.49

Stockist: Nationwide


Our Thoughts

Minty!! I got a pot of the original and the sugar free extra strong. Its been a while since I have had polo’s but the design of the pot works wonders compared to the average pack. It been a strong mint can withstand the average travel – considering it got delivered to us. They stayed in my bag for a while and still gave me that minty goodness after a while. You cannot say that of the other average snacks.

Improvement CHECK. 

Travel pack worthy CHECK.

Do I Want it to be bigger! CHECK.


5 out of 5

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