Around the World? – Wish we could…..



We been looking around on found a few items to look at – it got us thinking about travels and what we would do.

What would you do with a Around the World Trip?

Some would travel to hot countries, some to cold, some to just visit different lifestyles and cultures.


Cold Climate

Not saying Everest is a goal but dam, seeing that movie got ideas flowing. Been a Brit, weather is always a hot topic.  Its always about the experience so visiting a Nordic Country to go skiing or to see some Ski Slopes in general.


The thought of a random Arctic adventure to visit nature will be fun.  Life is about living.

Hot Climate

With the same thought as cold climate, warm appeals to us. How about a desert adventure on a Camel.  If only?

Maybe its the movie lover, imagining a Indiana Jones adventure in a warm climate adventure (Without the bad guy or the aliens).  Its all about adventure.

Different Lifestyles/ Cultures

We are used to Western European culture in nature and its always good to experience different lifestyles or cultures. So going to Japan and seeing their culture and how different everything is would be fun.

(Suggestion, even their TV Commercials are different, go YouTube japan tv commercials)



The World’s fit for exploring. We are off to find some virtual adventures around the World….  Lets see where we go….


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