Art Deco Trends In The Home



Ever since Art Deco and Art Nouveau arrived in the early 1900s, the styles has captivated and fascinated fashion designers, interior designers, architects, jewellery makers and artists.   

There is something comforting about the defined angles, straight lines, the contrast of bold colours against each other and in metallics.  A luxurious indulgence that beautiful to behold.  

In recent years the love of Art Deco has been revived by the entertainment industry with movies such as Gatsby and now we are seeing the renewed adoration being translated into our homes.  

Helen Leigh-Jones, designer at DFS, tells us how to achieve the Art Deco look at home: 

“The Art Deco trend is glamorous enough to never go out of style. To achieve the look in a contemporary way, think of luxurious fabrics, gold detailing and mirrors that add pockets of light around your room. 


DFS_PR_S15_DECO_INCIDENTAL_9“Combining the old with the new is a huge trend for 2015, and one which Art Deco lends itself to. To create a fusion of the classic and contemporary, mix traditional furniture shapes with sleek, modern, statement tables to bring the trend into the 21st century. Stick to a neutral colour scheme to keep your room looking classy.

 “The key to nailing this trend is accessorising heavily to add a hint of flamboyance. Metallic photo frames, statement vases and angular light fixtures will balance the neutral colour scheme perfectly. Add scatter cushions in geometric patterns, shiny sequins, and foliage patterns to complete the look.”    



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