Assassin – Revenge Is Sweet


From Signature Entertainment and the producers of Rise of the Footsoldier and Fall of the Essex Boys, released on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital platforms today, Assassin is a gritty and dark look at the London underworld.

Starring Danny Dyer (Severance and TV’s Eastenders) as Jamie Harris, an assassin for hire who seems indifferent to the work he carries out and indeed to life, Assassin is brutal.  Harris is hired by the notorious London Crime bosses, John and Lee Alberts, played by Gary and Martin Kemp (known for playing London’s most infamous gangsters The Kray Twins) respectively, to take out a mark, who he later finds out is the father of his new girlfriend.

Jamie’s world begins to change when he falls for Chloe and when she starts to suspect the involvement of the Alberts brothers in her father’s murder.  Her investigations get her in trouble with the dangerous brothers who order Jamie to take her life.  Breaking every rule his profession has, Jamie opts to save Chloe and deceive John and Lee.

jamie2The murky tale leaves Jamie Harris looking for revenge and exacting that revenge in the only way he knows how, written in blood by those he hunts down.  Assassin depicts London’s underbelly in a vicious and unforgiving light, hard-hitting and with a stand out performances from Danny Dyer, Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp, it is a must watch for 2015.  

Signature Entertainment have very kindly given us three copies of Assassin to give away, just enter below and good luck! 

Please ensure you complete all of the mandatory entries or you will be disqualified, the competition is open from 9th March 2015 until 6th April 2015.


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