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People are becoming more and more aware of the ingredients contained within their beauty products and recently there has been a huge shift towards more organic and natural products to put on our skin.

Aubrey Organics were created over 40 years ago and are seen as a pioneer in the organic personal care industry.  Their products are packed full  of natural and organic ingredients including plant extracts, herbs and vitamins, with no artificial colours or fragrances they also state that they use no petrochemicals.

With no parabens or other harmful nasties and using the purest ingredients from across the globe, all of course Fair Trade, Aubrey Organics skin care range is not just safe for you to use, but is also considerate of the environment.  Everything made my Aubrey is biodegradable, their packaging is recyclable and they don’t introduce harsh chemicals into the atmosphere.

Using natures bounty to create sublime skincare products seems to be as natural to Aubrey Organics as the ingredients they use.  We thought we would share a few of our favourites with you today!

moisturiserCalming Skin Therapy Cleanser

The Cleanser contains Aloe and Sea Aster, cooling and soothing the skin.  Made using jojoba, coconut and olive oils, this soft cleanser will leave the skin smooth, silky and feeling hydrated.  It contains organic quinoa protein which is rich in amino acids and also a powerful antioxidant, rosemary.

It has a luxurious feel to it and leaves the face feeling nourished and hydrated, unlike many other cleansers on the market that tend to dry the skin out.

Revitalizing Therapy Gel Mask

Incredibly fragrant and amazing on the skin, the Gel Mask is made with Rose Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil.  It smells sublime with echoes of marzipan.  Totally revitalizing and super hydrating, the mask helps to restore the natural moisture in the skin making for younger looking, softer skin.  The Rose Mosqueta is high in fatty acids, Vitamin C and sodium hyaluronate which is a rich humectant.  It is packed full of extracts that work to condition the skin.

RevitalisingAge Defying Therapy Moisturiser

This moisturiser is made with Sea Buckthorn and golden seaweed which help to protect the skin from pollution and the sun.  Also containing carnosine and milk thistle, the moisturiser works to smooth little lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin with a firmer, younger appearance.

All in all the Aubrey Organics range is exciting and very environmentally conscious without sacrificing the care that our skin needs in such a modern day and age.

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