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The Summer Holidays have flown by and it is almost time for the little people to pack their brand new school bags and set off for a new adventure, the school year!  We wanted to pool together a couple of items that we particularly liked the look of and that would make going back to school easier for all concerned.

Disney Frozen Zip Up Stationary Kit

Frozen is a complete phenomenon that has sparked insanity in many parents, leading to the hilarious signs showing how many days parents and teachers have not heard a child singing ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ or ‘Let it go.’ It seems there is no letting go of the icy grip Anna and Elsa have on the kids, so why not embrace the cold…it never bothered you anyway…right?

 The glittery case of this kit shimmers in the light just like ice and will have the kids in awe as they see their favourite characters depicted on the front.  The case is not all about how it looks though, this is about going back to school and of course every kid needs a decent pencil-case, so why not get one that contains everything they will need already?

Inside you will find Frozen themedFrozen_Filled_Pencil_Case

  • colouring pencils
  • felt tip pens
  • two drawing pencils 
  • ball point pen
  • ruler with built in alphabet stencil
  • sharpener
  • safety scissors
  • glue stick
  • eraser
  • notebook

Available from the Disney Store for £10.95

Princess_Jasmine_Water_BottleAladdin’s Jasmine Water Bottle

Lunch time is a big part of the school day and more and more children are taking packed lunches with them to school.  Rather than putting in a can of pop or a flimsy cardboard juice box, why not send the kids to school with a fabulously unique and exciting drinks bottle?

This particular one features the beautiful Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin and looks wonderful in the turquoise and purple colours that compliment the character so well.

Sturdy and water tight, the bottle should be hand washed to preserve the pictures that are wrapped round the bottle.

Available from the Disney Store for £5.95

Mum’s School Year Diary

Of course going back to school is not just about the kids, Mums and Dads have a lot to contend with this time of the year as well.  We came across Mum’s Office and their wonderful diaries that have been designed to help parents get super organised as they tackle the new year ahead.

A family diary, Mum’s School Year Diary 2015 -2016 contains everything you need to make sure that you are organised and ready for the year in front of you.  It is large enough that it can contain all of the information that busy mums and dads have to keep safe, whilst at the same time being compact enough to fit in a handbag.

The diary is divided into sections:

  • Essential family contact details & information
  • Pocket money record
  • Dates to remember
  • Need to know information
  • Notable dates
  • Our Plans for July 2015 – Aug 2017
  • Travel plans
  • Our week
  • Calender
  • Week-to-week view
  • notes

Available from Mum’s Office for £14.95

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