Back To School For The Chronically Ill Parent


Chronically ill parents never expect to be in that position. They never want to lean on their young children, we encourage them to understand it’s not their job to look after the parent. It’s the parents job to look after the child.

They can repeat this time and time again. 

They can reassure endlessly that it’s okay to go and play. It’s okay to go to school. To have friends, to enjoy all life has to offer and not have to worry about you.

Because it’s not their job. 

You see all over the internet, the home schooling parents. They have the ability to do it, they have the strength to plan activities day and in and day out.

They don’t forget the day or the housework. They have strength to run a household and teach a child. As a chronically ill parent myself, I long to be like these parents. and teach a child.

I long to give my child my full attention, all my energy, all of me.

But the chronically ill don’t always have that ability. School is an important aspect for our children. They get to go off into the world and be themselves. They get to pass the days not worrying about Mum or Dad. Away from the routine, tagging along to hospital visits, or from health professionals visiting their home.

They get to be children again. Albeit far more emotionally advanced due to the role they automatically seem to adopt.

There are chronically ill parents all over who don’t have the energy to give their children those daily adventures. Or all their time. They tire after simply getting dressed in the morning. That in itself is a goal.

We chronically ill parents see school as a lifeline. A chance for our children to retain the “childhood” part of their lives. Away from everything you didn’t want them to deal with. Away from a life so totally unexpected.


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