Badland GOTY Edition


Badland comes from the rains of Frogmind and now the Game of the Year Edition is available for Xbox One and Playstation 4, as well as Steam.

So far Badland has had over a staggering 25 million players worldwide, and we can see why.  This innovative and engaging side scrolling platformer is packed full of music and scenery that just creates the perfect atmosphere for players to get hooked.  

Badland2Meet Clony, he may look small, but he is powerful and it is your job as the player to help him navigate his way through the puzzles and often deadly levels that are populated with many evil obstacles that want to impale, squash and obliterate our brand new little friend.  

It is not as simple as just helping Clony through each of the traps laid out before him.  Nope.  Probably the most prominent part of gameplay, is the use of cones, yes the name should have given you a hint.  As Clony traverses the perilous levels on a journey of self discovery, he picks up a few friends along the way – his clones.  Now, they may be big, bulbus, cumbersome clones or possibly ity bity, little zippy ones, regardless once you pick them up, it is your task to try to save as many of them as you can, along with Clony of course.

Badland1With completely overhauled controls for the Xbox One, gameplay is more intuitive, allowing you to become completely engrossed in what you see on-screen.  Given that Badlad: Game of the Year Edition features well over 15 hours and 100 levels of the main single-player storyline, it is easy to see why.  Along with the redesign though came the addition of up to four players in co-op, adding an additional 100 levels just for co-op playing buddies and even 27 stages where local multiplayer battles can be fought, you know, if you need to know who the best of the bunch is.

Badland7Do you have what it takes to save Clony and the clones?  Check out Badland : Game of The Year Edition on Xbox Live Marketplace where you can pick it up for just £9.59!

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