For many of us our skin can change throughout the year. A lot of people experience a shift during the summer months for some it maybe they find it can become dry, but for a large number it can increase in oil and become combination or often oily.

Whilst everyone is seeking a gorgeous summer glow, no one is wanting to look greasy and patchy, which can then also cause issues when applying your favourite summer make-up look.

So it is important to address these changes in your skin type by making sure you are using the correct type of skin care. Using a cream or lotion for dry skin on a combination or oily skin will just make the issue worse and emphasise the problems you are having.


Trilogy have an extremely light solution to the problem of combination and oily skin. The Balancing Face Lotion comes in a very generous 100ml pump bottle. It’s a lotion not a cream so its much lighter in feel and easier to apply and absorb into the skin. You can almost instantly feel a change with regard to a balancing effect, the skin feels matte once absorbed. The combination areas of oiliness appear much more uniform with regard to shine. The skin still feels moisturised, it’s not in any way drying or harsh, it is as it says in the name balancing!

Replenishing the skin, this natural product contains Trilogy’s unique ingredient Rosapene, along with super antioxidants to help protect against the visible signs of ageing, other natural greats like Avocado, evening primrose and Calendula oils add hydration, Vitamin E and green Tea are there to help to fight free radical damage. Ginkgo extract is involved with invigorating and energising, helping to heal and renew. It can be use both morning and night.

Importantly for many people it creates an excellent base for the application of make-up. In particular if you experience combination or oily skin there is a significant difference when applying foundation. Patches and pores are much less pronounced and an even coverage is more easily achieved. Also The foundation seems to last much longer throughout the day because the skin is balance and matte before application.

The Trilogy Balancing Face Lotion can be found at it comes in one size 100ml which is large for moisturising product, making it reasonably priced at £26.50

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