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Balancing a city may seem easy in Sim City or City Skylines, but try this intriguing premise of a game BalanCity. Intrigued? Read on…. 



BalanCity is a city building/ balance physics game where it can be considered as an old school SimCity with aspects of Jenga.  Aim is to build the highest, tallest, towering city on one or multiple platforms. The platforms are anchored on a point that will tilt if not balanced correctly. 



To build a city is fairly simple with an assistant alerting the player to key issues. Start with houses and offices to get the population higher, add power and then put in the emergency buildings. Due to it been on a platform each of the emergency services have planes to tackle the emergencies – which are tackled manually. 

It might sound simple but balance is key. Forgetting how heavy a building is will destroy a perfect play through. 


That’s not all, the game has separate goals to reach in the different areas of it. 

Freeplay – One flat platform, build a custom city.

Missions – Reach a certain target in a prebuilt starter city. 

Scenario – Rebuild a famous City from scratch. Custom Platforms – some better than others.


Then how about some levels have hazards including earthquakes and meteors.  Higher the city goes the harder it will be. 




Simple to play but tough to master. Already ploughed though 2 hours when we have had the game a few days – now getting to 10+.  With lots of others to review – our free time has been filled with a positive delight. 


4 out of 5


For More Info

BalanCity is a city building / balance physics game. Currently (at time of writing) available on PC, Mac & Linux. Mobile version available on Google Play Early Access. iOS coming soon!

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