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There is nothing greater than a relaxing soak in the tub after a long day’s work and it is definitely one of life’s little pleasures. Light some scented candles, add some of your favourite bubble bath to the water, slip into the bath and pick up your book for the ultimate relaxing experience. Sound familiar? We all love having that little bit of time where we have no worries, not a care in the world. But how can you make it the most relaxing experience it can be? With a few simple touches, your bathroom can truly be the sanctuary you want it to be.

A clean and tidy bathroom lends to a clean and tidy mind so make sure your bathroom isn’t dirty or cluttered with empty bubble bath bottles and toilet roll tubes. Open windows wide and open and spritz some of your favourite air freshener to rid the room of any unwanted and unpleasant smells. Perhaps invest in some bathroom storage to keep your overflowing stash of bath products tidy and organised or perhaps keep a limited supply on the edge of your bath – don’t let it get overcrowded though! Place your favourite scented candle at one end and keep your current reads in easy reach but away from any potential damage.

Some of us like to bathe with a little music playing – if this is you, prepare a relaxing playlist whilst keeping all technology and electronics as far from any water as possible. Sometimes the best relaxing techniques need a little preparation and soaking in the bath is one of them – it will take you much longer to relax if you have to go and grab everything before actually getting into the tub – with everything within easy reach, you can add your bubbles and light your candle and slip in straight away.

Bath times are by far my favourite way to relax – and with a little trial and error whilst finding the routine that works for me, I finally have my preparation down pat – feeling safe in the knowledge that I can just climb into the bath and let all my worries wash away.


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