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With Batman vs Superman being released this month to DVD, we thought that it was the perfect time to pit a few superhero gadgets against each other in our own little Batman vs Superman Gadget Off.


Crime Fighting Plans

PP2613BM_batman_notbook_packaging_800x800For Batman we have come across a fantastic, sleek and broody looking notebook. Spiral bound, the notebook has a jet black hardback cover that is embossed with the Dark Knight’s insignia embossed on the front.
The inside covers are again jet black and have a silver bat insignia across the two pages. Each of the pages in the book are white and lined in black with the bat signal at the top.
Sturdy, dark and in keeping with our caped crusader, this notebook is perfect for any notebook obsessed superhero fan, or of course anyone who loves Batman himself. Perfect for planning all of your crime fighting escapades.

Go Gadget Pen

PP2617BM_batman_gadget_pen_lifestyle_800x800Now everyone needs a good pen and we have found the pen for any Batman fan. How can a pen be so special you ask? Well, besides being a lovely pen to keep a note of all the villains you have brought to justice, this pen has quite a few hidden aspects that make it very special indeed, this includes:

  • Touch Screen Stylus
  • Crosshead Screwdriver
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Spirit Level
  • Ballpoint Pen

Yes, this pen has so much to offer besides being able to write things down. It is handy in a pinch if you need to escape through an air duct after being captured by the Joker, if you want to make improvements to the Bat Cave by measuring and getting everything level, or take some time out and use you mobile device with the built in stylus!


Stick and Open

PP2918SM_Magnetic_Bottle_Opener_Packaging_800x800Superman is known for the logo that is emblazoned on his chest and there is no better way to show your appreciation for this superhero than having his logo dotted about your abode.

With that in mind, this bottle opener come magnet is just the thing to pop on your fridge and declare your allegiance to the Blue Blur. Then when you fancy a bottle of Metropolis’s finest beer, it will be on hand to tackle the task of removing the bottle top, you know because you have had a hard day fighting crime and need a little help in the strength department.

Lighting the Way

PP2899SM_Superman_Light_Lifestyle_800x800Every superhero needs to brighten up their head quarters and so do you, so we found this brilliant Superman Logo light that will be just the thing to give you a little ambient lighting.

The light can be fixed to the wall or even stood using the little stand that comes with it, but it gives the illusion that the logo is balancing on the point at the bottom of the diamond shape. You can power the light using four AA batteries or connect it to a device using the USB cable that comes with it!

Our Verdict

In our battle between Batman and Superman, we have to side with Batman, the gadget pen just won out, so much more than a pen, it embodies the essence of Batman and his utility belt! 

You can find out more about all of these products and more on Paladone’s website.


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