Battle of the Bands – Rock Trump Cards


Think you know everything about the world’s greatest rock bands? Reckon you could outdo anyone you know with this knowledge? Well, now you can put your confidence to the test with the epic Battle of the Bands Rock Trump Cards.

Created by Stephen Ellcock, illustrated by Mikkel Sommer and published by Laurence King, these expertly illustrated card game will have testing everything you thought you knew about rock music.

battle_of_the_bands_trump_cards_3dPlaying the game…

The Battle of the Bands deck comes with 32 of history’s greatest rock bands, (we don’t envy who had to chose those bands) and the idea of the game is to be the one who holds all of the cards.  To win your opponents cards you need to pit your rock wits against theirs in the ultimate rock fan test.

The cards are shuffled and dealt evenly to the players.  After the decision is made about who goes first, player one picks up their deck so that they can see only their top card.  From that card they chose an attribute that they hope will beat any card that the other players could be holding.  If you held The Rolling Stones and chose their Shock Value, do you think that The Doors would beat them?  What about Metallica’s Appetite for Destruction against that of AC/DC?  Or even Led Zeppelin’s Commercial Success compared to that of Nirvana?  The winner of each round wins the cards that were played until all of the cards are in the possession of just one player.

battle_of_the_bands_trump_cards_cards_2We were thinking that the cards have other uses too.  What if you need to settle an argument about who the better band is, who was known more for trashing hotel rooms or being a bit of a diva?   Use the cards to settle disputes and prove your superiority over those you know.

However you decide to use the cards, quite frankly they would look brilliant mounted and framed for an unusual piece of art, Battle of the Bands are great fun for any music fan! 

Available from Laurence King Publishing for just £8.95

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