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From the creators of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, comes “BattleBlock Theater”. A platformer with a weird story and lots of content crammed in. It keeps the player’s attention and the ability to lose time in it is easy.

This is a extremely strange game with a strangely captivating story. The story has the player and your other puppet friends on a boat trip which goes wrong. All are captured by theatre loving cats who love to set the prisoners a theatrical challenge. The levels start simple enough, capture 3 or more diamonds and reach the exit. The curtain rises at the start of every level explaining the goal, and sinks when the exit is achieved.

2The levels/challenges get extra challenging later on, but that adds to the re-playability, more times than not – more diamonds and an addition ball of yarn prize are hidden on each level. These can be redeemed to unlock more prisoners and more weapons.

The level game-play physics are one of the best for a platformer, putting together a chain of movements to complete a level, similar to at a “Mirror’s Edge” high speed parkour. The lack of fighting moves lets it down. Mashing one button to get a move against an enemy is not good.

3It’s minor faults aside, it delivers on quantity of content. A big 8-10 hour solo game play mode, then the ability to tackle the levels differently in co-operative, adds another 6-8 hours. It changes the dynamic of the puzzles, as you can throw and do other things to each other to reach the same goal.

On the content side, Versus mode is thrown in to change the dynamic with some quicker games.

Some of the games include:


  • Ball Game: Football/Soccer – or Basketball depending.
  • Capture the Horse: Similar to Capture the Flag
  • Colour the World: Make the World your colour.
  • Grab the Gold: Most gold wins.
  • King of the Hill: Race to the crown blocks to win.


Overall this game is good, it throws a lot of content at the player but manages to make most of it stick. The game is best played with someone else as that is when it comes into a world of its own.

 Pictures provided by The Bethemoth Team. You can currently buy BattleBlock Theater on Steam or on Xbox360.










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